Andrew and Loretta

Dear Bill,
We are sorry we have not had the opportunity to email you earlier. We wish you would have come back and joined the party.
We have thought of you often since our wedding and would like to say the day would not have been what it was without your services.
We were very happy with the way everything went from beginning to end. We found it really easy to contact you and you were always available to answer any questions or advise on proceedings. We also enjoyed the flexibility you allowed us in relation to the service. Although we live in different states will feel the distant did not hinder the service you provided or the rapport built.
The service itself was beautiful and we really enjoyed hearing the special words for the first time. We also appreciated receiving a copy to read together at another time.

Wonderful ceremony. Wonderful day.

We can honestly say our wedding would not have been the success and memorable occasion it was without you. Thanks again!

Many thanks,
Andrew and Loretta