Sue and Brian

(For those who did not know, my name is William James Scurry)

Bill Scurry Male Marriage Celebrant Sunshine Coast

Dearest Bill,
I am SO very glad to have found you! I cannot believe I didn’t think sooner to look you up via Facebook!!

8 years ago..TODAY!…you officiated the most important day of our lives…
However… unfortunately, I was so caught up in the things that I THOUGHT were important to me at the time, and being “too busy for my own boots” , that I completely omitted to share with you, how incredibly important your role in our special day was to us..and still is!!!

I am so terribly sorry Bill- for not conveying my incredible Thanks to you -at all, let alone with all my heart- for making our wedding day just perfect- for all the Love and Thought you put into our ceremony, and guidance into our relationship, and for all your heartfelt consideration to us both….THANK YOU Bill Scurry. I am sorry, and I hope with all my heart that you can forgive a selfish young girl.

I have always wanted to let you know we kept a little reminder of you …our first born son is….William James -William (Will) James Brian, to be exact, who is now 6 years old, and we were blessed with Thomas Dean Reilly 2 years ago. I am happy to report that after almost 16 years together, that we are still best friends, who don’t fight , and have truly wonderful kids that have filled our lives with more love and joy than we ever knew possible!!

Thank you again Bill, so very much….I am so sorry I didn’t take the time sooner to tell you what an important impact you had on our lives!

With much love and the most beautiful of blessings for you,
Sue (and Brian) Perkins – Flaxton Gardens wedding, 1-10-2005