Neil and Jo

Dear Bill

Just a very Quick Note (well maybe not) to say Hi..

We arrived back to a Sunny, but much colder Birmingham, U.K. on Saturday.

Can I Just say on behalf of us both how much we enjoyed our day, and the part you played in it. We have run through a few of the shots since we returned and on our travels and we laughed as much as we did on the day.

Oh Boy, are there some funny expressions and moments. I knew the wedding was going to be different, But didn’t realise quite HOW DIFFERENT!

It was a wonderful day, and one I know we will never forget. So THANKYOU, for helping us do it OUR WAY, and making it such a personalised event.

It was certainly one of the funniest and equally touching wedding services I’ve ever attended. I didn’t think it was possible for a wedding to be so much fun.

I know, I personally choked at one point, but managed to overcome and carry on listening and take part. I’d not re read the words I’d written for Jo, from the day I wrote them, so they would be fresh on the day of the service, which indeed they were. I’d also forgotten how many there were too.

Call me sentimental, but It was also quite touching how the birds all arrived for the signing of the register, like they knew an important event was taking place. Rather like a Disney film was unfolding before us somehow, I thought at the time. There are some cracking photos, some of which are hilarious and they have captured the spirit of the entire occasion so well.

Australia, and Some of the people we met were quite fascinating, and I’d never realised how big a country it was ’til being there. All in All, a fantastic time had by all, for all the time and days spent there.

So, Thanks Once again for being part of our special day, and I hope all your other weddings are as much fun, or pleasurable as ours was.

Best Wishes, from Neil and Jo.
Two very Happy people. (if Not sad to be back home out of the Aussie sun)