Kim and Daniel

Dear Bill,

We hope you are well, and officiating lots of weddings. Daniel and I would like to thank you for celebrating our wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony, especially after keeping you waiting for almost an hour. Can you believe the boat ran out of fuel!!!

ur family and friends were touched by the wording and the warm-hearted and cheerful way you delivered ceremony. It will be a day that will be cherished
for years to come. It was such an emotional moment, and I was so overwhelmed by it all.

You are not only a professional person, but a wonderful person who helped us throughout the preparation of our day. We were sorry that you could not stay afterwards, but knew of your commitment with the Sunshine Coast Bridal Expo.

We certainly have recommended to all our friends who are planning weddings, that you simply must officiate their day. You surely made our wedding day a perfect one. I have enjoyed all our emails, and still enjoy them today.

Daniel and I thank you very much, you have such a calming influence and your bright personality made it all come together perfectly. Thank you so much Bill, we are truly honoured to have had you as our marriage celebrant.

Thanks, Kim and Daniel.